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Gary Brown


Project: 2009 Political Campaign Messaging Team

Writing It Right For You was part of strategic team of communication professionals who crafted the all-important messaging for Gary Brown during his 2009 campaign for Detroit City Council. As a result of these efforts, Gary became the first non-incumbent to win the Council President Pro Tem seat.

We worked closely with him to craft his policy papers, speeches, editorial positions and assisted with responses to the media to further position him as a visionary leader with integrity in a field of many more well-known candidates. We are honored to have been involved in his campaign and continue to support him as the Detroit City Council President Pro Tem.


Anthony Verner


Project: Business Writing/Editing

“Pam has a great approach to business, outstanding communication and writing skills.

Over a period of around 18 months Pam delivered on every promise that she made.

I recommend Pam for any task that you have for her.”

Service Category: Writer/Editor

Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.


Dr. Ali G. Awadi


Project: Academic Editing

The tagline for Pam’s company, Writing It Right For You, is “It Matters How You Say It”, and for me, as I completed my Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration, has more than exemplified that truism.

Pam is knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional, and she works hard to ensure that every part of our project is completed on time and with excellence. In the more than three years that Pam and I have been working together, Pam has shown how she develops a true partnership relationship with her clients as she moves them to success.

Her competency in the English language are of the highest caliber; but just as importantly, her exceptional people skills and excellent project management ability have made it possible for me to succeed at the highest levels possible in my educational journey.

I look forward to continuing my professional partnership with Pam as we transition to other long-term projects.

Walethia Aquil


Project: Web Copy, Copywriting

I recently hired Ms. Pamela Hilliard Owens of Writing It Right For You to update the sales page on my website, Grace and Charm. I found Pam to be very experienced in her skillset and professional in her communication with me. She took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and also to research my website and my company. Writing It Right For You Company is completely setup with the hardware and software apps that clients need—there were no unnecessary delays.

I was very satisfied with my updated sales page and the entire experience of working with Pam and Writing It Right For You. I plan to use them for future projects.

With Grace and Charm,

Walethia Aquail

Grace & Charm


Jim Johnson


Project: Social Media and Web Blogging

Pamela has been absolutely fantastic! I am very impressed of her talents in editing many of my assignments.

She was incredibly friendly and approachable. I have enjoyed working with her. Highly recommended!


MyEsha Craddock


Project: Academic Editing

Thank you so much Pam!

Your services have been invaluable to me this semester.

I really can’t thank you enough!


Rosalinda McCain


Master’s Degree Candidate, Wayne State University

Thank you Pam your services were quick and efficient I would highly recommend your services to anyone that is preparing a novel, taking academic classes, or are just brushing up on their English writing skills.

I give you a 5 star posting.

Anton Konovalov


Project: Web Copy, English as a Second Language Editing, LinkedIn

Native Language: Russian

During the time period of economic unrest which resulted in a job loss, I experienced severe financial hardships.

The strong decision was taken to establish my own company and become an independent entrepreneur. To present my company’s products and services on the international market I had an idea to create a company profile and description in the English language. My search brought me a link to Mrs. Pamela Hilliard Owens’s page at

During negotiation over my project, I gave just a little instruction and few words talking about my company. The rest was given to Mrs. Pamela to conduct. As agreed upon start up, I received a text with document which fully satisfied my requirements. The task was greatly executed. The project is done and it is featured at my profile.

Further requests were also done in a quick and professional mode. Pamela is a great writer with professional approach and understanding of clients’ wishes. Besides that I am happy to have a friend who could help me to handle some requests.

Finally I should say that I have had bad and good experience of using online freelance services. Pamela is the best freelancer I had ever have.



Anton Konovalov


The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce


Project: Professional Bio

The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce gave Writing It For You 10 out of 10 when asked how likely they were to refer our work.

The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce said: “Awesome.”


Ali Babloo


Project: Academic Editing; Thesis Editing and Submission Assistance

Pamela has been absolutely fantastic! I am very impressive of her talents in editing many of my assignments.

She was incredibly friendly and approachable. I have enjoyed working with her. Highly recommended!

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