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Who is Writing It Right For You (WIRFY)?

These days, anyone with a computer and Internet access can put up a website and call themselves “writers or editors”. I personally have seen “editing services” websites with spelling and grammatical errors! The copywriters, writers and editors at WIRFY are highly educated, highly experienced, and award-winning professionals who have made copywriting, writing and editing the career choice for their professional lives. Each writer and editor is qualified to provide the services listed; however, different writers and editors have specific specializations and niches.

How can I submit my request for WIRFY services?

Please follow the instructions in the “How to Submit Your Project” document forwarded to you. Please remember that the short series of questions and sample writing submission (if applicable) must accompany your request.

Why are your prices higher than some others? Why can’t you just give me a quick idea of the cost by phone/chat/email?

We base our fees on the industry averages for professional writers and editors in the United States of America; as well as the U.S. cost of living. We are not “part-time” hobbyists, college students looking for a little extra money, or low-cost writing mills. We offer personalized, customized and results-oriented services to our students and clients. We take the time to study your requirements and to work with you to provide the results you are seeking. Your customized quote is based on the information you provide; after which we write a Project Plan just for you. The quality and value we bring to your project is reflected in our pricing structure.

What is the turnaround time and schedule of the writers and editors of Writing It Right For You?

Each WIRFY writer and editor is an independent contractor who works under the auspices of Writing It Right For You. Each contractor works his or her own schedule and makes his or her own decisions about each request and whether or not to accept a project. Actual turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of the project and the schedule of the contractor. A rush fee may be applied if you require a very short deadline.es.

I followed all of the submission requirements. Why wasn’t my project accepted?

There may be several reasons why the contractors may reject your request: 1) You may have requested an unrealistic deadline for the work requested (e.g. editing 500 pages in one week. Believe me, it happens.) 2) You may have an unrealistic cost basis for your project specifications (e.g. $0.02 per word for a research report with references. Believe me, it happens.). 3) You may have asked that we change/reduce our prices to “match” another service you may have found elsewhere. (There are specific rate sheets for specific situations; only non-profits and university students qualify for discounts. We do not do work “on spec” [for free] or discount our work on the “promise of lots of work in the future”.) We can tailor the services we provide according to your budget; but we charge similar fees for similar work for all of our students and clients. 4) We may feel that you are “price-shopping” and not really interested in contracting the services of experienced and professional writers and editors. We spend a lot of unpaid time evaluating each request, reviewing samples and preparing quotations. We can only work with serious and legitimate prospective students and clients. Our goal is to work for your success; but we are also a for-profit business.

Will the Writing It Right For You writer or editor start on my project immediately

Not necessarily. We are professionals with a large and satisfied worldwide client base. We maintain a steady workload and may be booked weeks ahead of time. We will discuss with available openings in our work queue and schedule your project accordingly. Professional writing and editing are slow and meticulous processes that should not be rushed. A writer or editor may already be working with another client on a deadline; it would be wrong and unethical to simply displace one project/client with another. We strive to treat all of our clients as you would like to be treated.

Why do I need a Project Plan and a pre-paid 50% deposit?

The Project Plan is an agreement that protects you and us and spells out the project scope, the cost, and the schedule. In order to be placed on the work schedule, the signed Project Plan and deposit must first be remitted (full payment is required for small projects between $150 – $300). Very small and/or ongoing projects may only necessitate less formal arrangements. Each assignment or project is negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on a variety of factors.

Do you accept payments by cash or check?

As a rule we exclusively accept credit/debit card payments via PayPal. WIRFY is an online company, and all of our work and transactions are done electronically with just a few exceptions. PayPal is available in most countries in the world; the payments are instantly and electronically deposited into our account, electronically recorded to your invoice balance and an electronic receipt is automatically sent. Unless prior exceptions are agreed upon, payment is expected via PayPal according to the agreed-upon Project Plan and submitted online invoice. Payment plans may be arranged for larger projects at the WIRFY contractor’s discretion. Writing It Right For You is a business and a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Do you guarantee that my work will be accepted for publication or will receive a certain grade? Is my deposit/payment refundable?

1) We guarantee only that your work will be completed to your specifications. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain grade from your university or that your manuscript will be accepted for publication. We will work very hard for your success, but we can only be responsible for our services.

2) Once your project is accepted and the paperwork mutually signed, the deposit and/or full payment is non-refundable. When the WIRFY writers and editors accept your project, they turn down other work. This career is their income. Free work is not provided; non-payment for completed work is not acceptable.

What is the difference between copyediting, substantive editing, and critiquing?

Copy editors start with the “details” and check for clarity and errors. Substantive editors start with “the big picture”: reading the entire document first for consistency and development, etc., and then proceed to proofreading and copyediting. A critique involves reading a document or manuscript to offer revision suggestions; editing is a separate project.

What do you expect from your students and clients for the optimal working relationship?

1) Be open to suggestions. You hired us for our expertise; if you disagree with or change everything, you are wasting your money.

2) Be available. Make sure that we have multiple ways to contact you if necessary. Let us know if you prefer communication via phone, text, Skype or email. We keep detailed, confidential communication records.

3) Let us do our work. It is not necessary to micro-manage professionals. We always keep our clients updated. It is difficult to work with constant interruptions.

4) Send your work and work-in-progress milestones at the agreed-upon times. Please alert your writer or editor if your situation changes so he or she can adjust accordingly.

5) Respect the time of your writer or editor. We are not robots; we have personal lives and families, too. Because our clients are in so many time zones, we attempt take into account global differences, but we generally work U.S. business hours Monday – Friday; and we are closed weekends and U.S. holidays. Please respect our professional arrangement. Please pay the correct amounts when they are due according to the Project Plan. Please do not delay the payment dates or alter them.

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