Three Reasons Why Brand Management Is Important

Your business is defined by its brand. The brand is how your clients or customers recognize your company, evaluate your service, and perceives your reputation. The loyalty and attachment to you and your company by your clients or customers are associated with the products and services you offer. By properly developing the marketing activities of your business, and by keeping control of the message of your brand, you will:

• Enhance the recognition of your company

• Differentiate your products and services from your competition

• Protect the reputation of your business

The recognition of your company’s brand is enhanced by the marketing and promotional activities that cause your clients and customers to think of you and your company first when they are ready to buy your products or invest in your services. The #1 way to maintain brand recognition is to be consistent with the photo and/or logo you use for all of your marketing materials, including your e-signature, your blog, your newsletter, your press releases, and all other forms of communication you use in your business.

Who or what is your direct competition? Every business has competition, and knowing who you are competing against can help you to grow your brand as well as your business. Knowledge about your competitors will not only help you to keep the customers you have, but it can also help you to improve the quality of your own products and services. One of the easiest ways to keep tabs on your competition is to set up Google alerts for your industry or business model. Remember to also set up a Google alert for your own company so that you can see what is being written about you.

When you work to protect and control the reputation of your brand, you have a two-pronged goal: 1) to ensure that your company promotes and maintains its “good name”, and 2) establishing continuous and positive online and offline visibility. Some branding techniques to put in place to monitor and improve your brand’s reputation include: Keeping your website updated so that it is listed near or at the top in search engines. Having a comprehensive and responsive social media marketing strategy, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Developing an online community that encourages two-way communications between your company and your clients and prospects.

Managing your brand should be a strategic and foundational goal for you and your company. Your brand and the messages it gives to clients and prospects will determine whether they will become your loyal customer base and help you to grow your business.

The branding and marketing professionals at the Writing It Right For You Companies can help you to develop an effective branding program for our small business or solo practitioner company. Contact us for your free 15-minute consultation; together we can assist you in determining the branding goals and objectives for your brand.

Start 2015 with Great Courses from the EFA!

The Editorial Freelancers Association offers courses just for YOU every fall and spring. Here is a list of some of our upcoming classes:

Editorial Freelancers Association

December 31, 2014
QuickBooks Online for Freelancers
Webinar Series, January 8 – 29
EFA’s newest webinar series introduces users to QuickBooks Online.

Session I-Introduction to QuickBooks Online

  • Product overview and tour of QuickBooks Online
  • Your Internet browsers-Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Set up your free trial account to take a test drive
  • Intuit App Center overview

Session II-Setting up QuickBooks Online

  • Starting fresh or converting from a desktop program
  • Your chart of accounts-the most important part
  • Your preferences and selections
  • Setting up your banks, credit cards, and PayPal account

Session III-Recording Transaction in Quickbooks Online

  • Money in
  • Money out
  • Journal entries
  • Other transactions
  • Bank feeds and importing transactions

Session IV-Reporting, Taxes and Other Considerations

  • Financial reporting for your business
  • Customer and vendor reporting
  • Payment solutions-Go Payments
  • Payroll-if you need it

Benefits for attendees:

  • Each attendee may submit a question to the instructor by email that relates to their specific QuickBooks situation if they prefer to not ask it during the webinar.
  • Each attendee will receive a PDF copy of the course material for each class session to use as a permanent reference.
  • Each attendee shall be entitled to a 20% discount on any service they receive from Bayview Services Group, Inc. during 2014-2015.

Instructor Dave Venard presented our popular Fall 2014 webinar on taxes. He is an enrolled agent, admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and a member of the prestigious Intuit Trainer and Writers Network. Dave has more than 37 years of experience with income taxes, accounting, and business management and a master’s degree in human resource management and organizational behavior. Dave is president of Bayview Services Group, Inc., a professional services firm that specializes in income tax preparation services, income tax representation and resolution services, QuickBooks installation, setup and training services, payroll and payroll tax services and bookkeeping services. He maintains a client base from New York to Hawaii.

Email questions to Dave at:
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Education Chair

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